Acne Breakouts

Horror of Suffering from Breakouts

Breakouts of acne, I suffered from them as a teen. My mom told me not to worry about it because all teens go through that phase. I have waited years for those pimples to disappear, but they never did. They plagued me throughout college and beyond.

Suffering from Breakouts

Each time I had to go to an event, I prayed that I did not experience any flare-ups. One day, I had to attend an office Christmas Party. I had a breakout two days before the event. I was hoping that it would have healed. I had managed to use an over the counter medication. It left a dark spot on my forehead. I used a concealer to hide the area.

A coworker caught my attention and told me that something was on my forehead. He thought something had landed there. It turned out that the concealer had faded away. It could have been a cheap brand. I cannot remember. I felt so embarrassed about the incident.

I managed to compose myself and told the coworker that I had used a product to which I was allergic. What else could I have said? I was in shock. I quickly darted in the restroom to apply the concealer once again. I went back to the party and mingled for a few more minutes before leaving to go home.

Attempting to Tackle the Breakouts

I was eating meat at the time, but I did not make the connection. I was never into sweets, so the occasional snacks did not explain the breakouts. I went to the dermatologist, and I had tried various prescriptions, but they did not work. The dermatologist could not figure out what was causing the breakouts. I did some internet research, but I did not find anything concrete that would have helped my skin condition at the time.

A few years later, I came across some information about diet and breakouts. My diet consisted of meats, carbs, and vegetables. Carbohydrates break down into sugar; too much of it can increase blood sugar levels. According to research studies, excess carbs eventually turn into fat.  I continued to look into ways to prevent the breakouts.

Connection between the Breakouts and Meats

I was reading an article that caught my eye. It discussed parasites in meats. After further investigations, I realized the culprit for my bouts of acne. The meats that I was eating contained parasites.  My body was acting as a host for these parasites. What are parasites? They are single celled organisms that live off others. Whatever food that I had consumed, the parasites also benefited. They like sugars and starch.

Those parasites were having parties in my digestive tract. They had depleted me of all the necessary nutrients that my body needed.  They were feeding off my energy. Research studies state that most illnesses start in the gut. I was having abdominal pain and diarrhea. It was not a constant thing, but it was rather frustrating.

Process of Elimination

As the years go by, I discovered new tips based on my constant research. In one of the articles that I had read, it stated that I should make a list of all the foods that I eat. The report also indicated that I should note whether I get breakouts after eating any of those foods. I immediately started a food diary. I eliminated all the new foods that I had begun eating. Even after eliminating certain foods, I was still getting breakouts.

How Did I Get Rid of the Breakouts?

In 2013, someone posted a video in a forum. The post caught my eye because the content of the video discussed what eating meat does to our bodies. The research that I had done mentioned the meat and parasite connection, but it did not say how to rid my body of the parasites.

I was so excited when I found out how to get rid of those critters. All I needed to do was to detox and change my diet completely. It was not a drastic move on my part because I was looking for better ways to stay healthy. I detoxed and eliminated meat, dairy, and starchy foods. I replaced my diet with fruits and vegetables.

What Happened Next?

Within one month, my skin had started to clear up. I felt overjoyed. I no longer had to wear concealers. The abdominal pain and diarrhea had disappeared completely. After changing my diet, I felt more energetic.

I went to the grocery store one day, and someone paid me a compliment. The person said that I had beautiful skin. I was so overjoyed that I felt like doing a back-flip. It took almost half of my life to tackle the constant breakouts.


The breakouts were unpleasant. I hated having to use concealers, especially when I was running late for work. At first, changing my diet was daunting, but I slowly made the necessary adjustments until I was comfortable enough to stick to my current diet of fruits and vegetables.

I currently eat vegetable nut salads, fruit, and vegetable smoothies, and sautéed vegetables. It took me several years to discover what was causing my breakouts, so I felt drawn to “Health and Wellness” as a niche. I want to help others who are struggling to stay healthy.



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