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Review – SoFyah Holistics™ Healing Body from within

Holistic health involves healing of the mind, body, spirit, and emotional health. Your body has to be in the balance for it to work well. For example, if you are having stomach pains, your body is letting you know something is wrong. Instead of popping pills, you need to get to the root of the problem and find out why you are having stomach pains. SoFyah Holistics has figured out a way to healing body from within through the skin, and that is their motto. They have created several products for skin and hair care for both infants and adults.

                   Healing Body Butters

                                            Baby’s Body Butter

The Bare Blend Body Butter is excellent for your child’s sensitive skin. I call it the “Miracle” butter. It treats eczema, psoriasis, and moistens your baby’s skin. You can also use the healing body butter on your child’s hair and scalp. Research shows, Shea Butter, an ingredient in the healing body butter, is excellent for skin care.

This healing body butter works well for adults with sensitive skin. It has a unique ingredient called Cacao or cocoa beans. It is rich in fiber and can help you lose weight. According to the British Pharmacological Society, cocoa beans helps the body get rid of harmful bacteria. It improves memory and helps your nerve and muscles to work well together.

I have sensitive skin, so I have to be careful what I use. I used the Bare Blend Body Butter on my face, and I am happy to report that I had no breakouts.

                                              Lavender Vanilla

Lavender smells great and does several other things. This healing body butter can help you get rid of nervous tension, eases the pain, and cleanse both your skin and scalp. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, lavender has several medicinal properties:

  • Relieves insomnia

  • Helps repair hair loss

  • Treat headaches and nervous disorders

  • Treats fungal infection

  • Relieves eczema

  • Eases surgical pain

  • Treats acne

Use Lavender Vanilla healing body butter right after you get out of the shower for a smooth and silky feel. If you have trouble falling asleep, this healing body butter is the right product for you.

                                            Lemon Grass Basil

When you pamper yourself, you want to look good, but you also want to feel great. The Lemon Grass Basil healing body butter gives you overall moisture for dry, chapped skin. According to a research study, lemon grass has antibacterial properties. You can use it to treat ringworms, eczema, and psoriasis. If you have a fever, it will lower your body temperature. Also, lemon grass reduces your cholesterol level.

Here are other medical uses of lemongrass:

  • Treats spasms in the digestive tract

  • Eases stomachache

  • Lowers high blood pressure

  • Treats convulsions

  • Stops vomiting

  • Relieves coughs

  • Eases achy joints

  • Reduces headaches

  • Addresses exhaustion

After I wash and moisturize my hair, it dries out and gets itchy within three days. It has been five days since I have used the Lemongrass Basil healing body butter on my hair. My hair still has moisture, and it does not feel itchy.

                    Hair and Scalp Relief

                                          Tingly Scalp Serum

Do you suffer from annoying itchy scalp? You feel yourself digging into your hair nonstop, but it gets worse when you scratch it. This product will ease your discomfort. It has tea tree oil, which helps to treat lice, scabies, and athletes foot due to the antibacterial properties.

The tingly scalp serum has almond oil as an ingredient, giving the skin a healthier appearance. Also, it reduces dark circles under your eyes. Other helpful uses of almond oil include:

  • Slows down aging

  • Removes dead skin cells and impurities

  • Natural sunscreen

  • Removes makeup

  • Treats dry, chapped lips

  • Slows down wrinkles and fine lines

Plus, the scalp serum has peppermint, which soothes and calms the scalp. Peppermint also relieves coughs, colds, and asthma. You can lower your stress level by inhaling peppermint. Also, it works well as a pain reliever and freshens your breath.

                                 Black Tea Rinse Chocolate Mint

Black Tea Rinse is the perfect therapy for your scalp. It helps to prevent hair loss, encourages hair growth, and thickens the hair. Your hair will look shinier and darker after each use. Plus, it softens the hair and reduces shedding.

Black tea has several other benefits:

  • Prevents skin infection

  • Reduces puffiness underneath the eyes

  • Lessens wrinkles and prevents premature aging

  • Use it as a sun block

  • Reduces blemishes

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Slows down tumor growth

To use it, shampoo the hair first. Then, add the black tea rinse to a spray bottle and moisturize your hair strands all the way to the root. Let the rinse stay in the hair for five to 30 minutes. You can leave it in the hair or add conditioner and wash it out.

                  Final Thoughts

SoFyah Holistics™ products are not just hair and body moisturizers. They have healing properties. Their products work well on skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dry, chapped skin. The ingredients help to fight ailments such as memory loss, insomnia, headaches, and fungal infections. They will improve your blood circulation, reduce blemishes, and several other benefits. The various healing body butters from SoFyah Holistics treat you from the inside out.

Do you suffer from any skin condition? Please feel free to drop us a line.



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