My sales during the Full Moon promotion were a positive boost for the brand. There was a good turnout of interest and sales.
Anne El Bey’s writing ability is exceptionally impressive! Anne El Bey is committed to producing high-quality projects that bring results.
She diligently completes the work with quick turnaround.  She ensures excellent prompt communication so that your vision is realized. 
Anne is very responsive and provides wonderful suggestions to bring your writing to life. She is open to listening to other opinions and integrating them into her projects with ease.
Anne and I did a test run of another project, and the results show that her marketing efforts created interest and brought visitors to the website.
I enjoy collaborating with Anne El Bey and I look forward to continued collaborative efforts with this writing professional. –Auriel of Fruitful Origins



What can I say about Anne El Bey and working with her on my project?

I was very pleased with the work she did for my business Sofyahholistics13.
I requested for Anne to do some writing for a coloring book that I will soon release. The coloring book is basically a fun way to teach people about herbs and specifically the herbs I use in my products.
Anne met th challenge with drive and tenacity. She exceeded my expectations by doing her own research and some work with the photos I am to use. She left no stone unturned. Anne considered parts of the project that I hadn’t yet which helped a lot because I have so much to do and needed an innovative mind to assist me.
I would highly recommend her for many different types of projects when it comes to writing, editing, research  and development. Her prices are very reasonable and competitive for her field. She was extremely professional and timely with my requests, she even kept me on task when I probably would’ve dragged out the time.
Thank you so much for all that you too and I would gladly hire you for another project.  Sophiah Bey
Anne has chosen a career change to pursue her dream of being a copywriter, and it is one of the best decisions she has made.
At the start of her business, Anne came to us at SCORE for mentoring.  She was quick to pick upbusiness concepts and is one of our success stories.
Anne has a strong talent for copywriting, but more than that, she has a passion for it.  She is excellent at understanding the key drivers of a business and using that to write creatively such that the reader feels her passion for the subject.
In addition, she is also meticulous about seamlessly integrating SEO keywords into the web content.  My opinion on the latter is based on reviewing content she has created for other websites.  Pamela Kaur/SCORE

13Love to Anne El Bey for amazing promo skills. I myself am the author and illustrator of the digital comic series “13th Conscious” so normally I just promote myself and think nothing of it.


However, that whole mindset was changed once I read Anne’s promotion of me and my book series. Sales increased within the first week and also gave me exposure to a new audience.


If you want to give your new business that extra much needed boost, check my seastar, Anne http://anneelbeycopywriter.net/walk-spiritual-path/Babo Bey


Wow Anne. Great job. I think it’s a fascinating letter.
You are amazing!   –Barbara J.


Anne, I am in awe of your talent.   –Pat H.


Anne, you’re incredible. You’ve explained testimonials
and endorsements in clear, understandable language.
In fact, you make explaining the two concepts seem like
a simple task. An outstanding life as a copywriter awaits you, Anne.
Pat H.


I read your letter and the review. I thought it was a great letter.
I am interested in the product you are promoting (for sometime in the future),
and I learned a lot from reading the feedback to your letter.
Thanks for making both available to read.
You are a great writer!
Jeanette S.


Anne, Thanks for sharing your letter with us – the discussion is very helpful.   – Josephine H.


Anne, Well congratulations!!! I know you’ll be successful.
You have a great go get ’em, nothing will slow you down attitude.
It’s been rubbing off on me and provided some energetic inspiration.
Louise G.


Anne, You one brilliant  talented lady…up, up, and away. No one can stop you…   Sunday


I admire her work and presence. She has shared kind words with so many people and is an inspiration. Just looking at her body of work shows her ability and strength in writing.   –K. Nelson


Anne, excellent, you are a force to be reckoned with!  Look forward to hearing all about your forward progress…    Jeanne E.


Anne’s determination, focus and indefatigable drive to succeed is truly inspiring. Her ability not only to identify areas of improvement but to implement a plan to make such an improvement is certain to bring her professional success. This ‘can-do’ attitude applied to any project will add tremendous value. I admire her work ethic as much as her writing.   Craig K.


We’ve only recently had a one-on-one conversation, but I read a lot of what you write as replies, your reviews and your written copy. It is obvious that you have great copywriting skills. I look forward to reading your posts and if you care to share, your copy written for your past clients.  Gabrielle S.


@Anne, WOW to you too!  Your writing just keeps getting better!  Don’t they say the more we write, the better we get!   Jeanne E.


Anne, this is a very good job. You not only got and kept my attention, you got me to click thru to scores site. I will definitely be looking into them with start up help.   Ralph C.


Hey Anne,


#1 on finding a mentor who is actively promoting your interests and

#2 on writing a clear, well-structured letter that solidly articulates your client’s services without extraneous bells & whistles.   Beth J.