About Anne El Bey

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I have always loved to write, but I did it as a hobby. People have always said that writers don’t make much money unless the individual is an accomplished author. When I was in college, I always used to choose essays, as opposed to multiple choice each time the professors give us options from which to choose for our exams.  My grades were excellent due to the choices that I had made.

Over the years, I have written recaps and columns for a soap opera related website. I used to love watching soap operas. My job was to watch a soap opera that I like and summarize it for people who were unable to watch the show live. I also used to write an opinion column based on the characters of the soap that I had watched.

I used to work as a bookkeeper for more than ten years. In college, I majored in Finance.

My job environment had become very stressful, so I decided to focus more on writing. I have never thought of writing for a living. It seemed like it was the right choice after making the decision. I don’t experience any stress. I can be creative and get lost in my writing.

These days, I work as a Copy Writer, Content Writer, SEO Content, and blogs. My primary focus is health and wellness. I eat healthily, and I love to stay fit.

My blogs will feature articles on eating healthy and staying fit. I will also focus on specific content with certain health conditions.