Think Before You React

Do you think it is a game-Think before You React

Think before you react: Countless times you have read Rabbi Ninesun’s tweets and see the phrase. You can get pissed at the words or examine the meaning behind it within its context. The phrase has several implications based on how it appears in the post. It is an excellent learning tool to help you stay on the right path. It helps you to pay attention to what you are doing. Plus, it is a reminder not to go through life with blinders.

What happens when you do not think before you react?

You can deepen your fear or anger if you do not think before you react per the experts. You get angry for the wrong reasons and start confrontations. Talk less and listen more; you miss out on valuable information when you talk too much. 

·        Get angry for the wrong reasons

For example, someone makes a negative post on social media. You see the post and think it is about you. Instead of examining the situation, you jump to the wrong conclusions. Grant you, people make negative posts towards others. But, what if that posting was for someone else?

You get into endless arguments for a post meant for someone else because you did not think before you react. Your thoughts are powerful; you can get angry by thinking unhappy things. You have the power to control your thoughts.

Take a step back and practice breathing exercises. Before saying anything, think how your response will affect others. Will it start an argument or will it end a disagreement? Plus, you can walk away from a negative situation. You do not have to react to every single conflict. No one likes to have conversations with him or herself. So, if you ignore, you will save yourself the unwanted anger.

·        Talk more and listen less

You will learn so much if you listen more and talk less. Have you ever converse with someone where you ask the person the same question two or three times? Most of the time, the person has already answered your question. But, you  miss out because you were too busy talking and not listening.

Preventing self-destruction

Did you know you can prevent self-destruction if you think before you react? Throughout the ages, messengers have come and gone. They are here to guide you on the right path. If someone is telling you to get back to nature and stop watching TV, do you shun the person? Or, do you ask yourself, “How will the advice help me?”

The above question is a perfect example of how to think before you react. Before you say what the person is telling you make little sense, try doing the research first. You may not know what the messengers see because you are too busy living your life.

Messengers can see when you are heading on a self-destructive path. They do their best to help you the best way they can. There is a reason people come into your life. Your angels are always on guard 24 hours per day. The person who tries to prevent you from going down a self-destructive path could relay messages from your angels. So, think before you react.

Things happen to you for a reason. So, before you block or restrict others, look within yourself first and figure out why others are giving you unsolicited advice. Think before you react. If you are not vibrating high enough, you may not pick up messages from your angels. It is possible your angels speak to you via messengers.

Satan’s Army

Yes, Satan has an army. You will find good and bad everywhere, and earth is no exception. Satan rules the kingdom of darkness on earth.The Cepher and the Bible spoke of the fallen ones operating via disobedient children.

Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the ruach (spirit) that now works in the children of disobedience  ~ Eph’siym 2:2 Cepher.

in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient.  ~Ephesians 2:2 NIV.

If you are not following The Most Highs, you are following the devil. Satan looks for weak-minded people who are always angry, the lowest vibrating people. She or he will inhabit your body and do evil things. You will get an idea of the evil taking place if you look at the news headline. Think before you react, and you will see innocent women and children go missing every day. Where are they?

When you go to the supermarket, you will see a vast meat section. Have you stopped to think, “Where they got the meat?” Think before you react, and ask, “Where are the slaughterhouses?” Restaurants serve meat every day. You cook meat every day. Where are the chickens? Where are the cows? Even if you see chickens and cows, are they enough to supply the demand? Think before you react.

Who are these demons?

When most people think of demons, they think of ugly monsters hiding in the closet or the dark. Think before you react because horror movies trick your mind into thinking those things. The Most Highs cast fallen angels out of heaven. They cannot survive on earth unless they inhabit a human body. The Cepher and the Bible spoke of the fallen angels.

For if YAH spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to She’ol, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be watched unto the judgment of anguish.  ~Kepha Sheniy 2:4-Cepher.

For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them in chains of darkness to be held for judgment.  ~ 2 Peter 2:4 NIV.

An example of a demon-possessed individual is a person who commits countless murders. Another example of a demon-possessed person is one who hates for stupid reasons. Fallen angels or demons inhabit bodies of the lowest vibrating people on earth. They cannot take hold of a person who is righteous because The Most Highs forbid it.


The next time you see the phrase, “Think before you react,” take it for what it is. There is nothing complicated about it. Look for the meaning within the context used. Examine conflicts first before getting angry, or think before you react. Your angels send you messages in various ways, and a messenger could be one of them. If you follow the path of The Most Highs, you do not have to worry about Satan and his armies or those fallen angels. So, always think before you react.


Are you guilty of jumping to conclusions?






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