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Cosmetics – Skincare/Haircare/Supplies

  All-Natural Vegan Bath & Body Products by AJA Naturals

        Aromatherapy Organic Products by Aromaoilganics

All-Natural Organic Skin, Body & Haircare Products by Bee Royalty

Organic Skincare Products: Scrubs, Lip Balms, and More

                       RaYah Ahava

Tinted Lip Gloss, Lip Colors and Lip Balm by Raven Aisha 13

Natural Handcrafted Hair Care & Men’s Grooming Products by Silmiyah Mecca  Bey

                   Eco-friendly all-natural soaps by 13 Soaps

            Holistic Healing Products by Sofyah Holistics13

          Organic & BPA Free Deodorant by Super Manna

                                           Elemental Genesis™

                  Beard and Loc Moisturizer by Will Yusef Bey 













Copywriting/Blogging/Editing/Content & Other Writing Services

Anne's Alt LogoCopywriting, Content Writing, Editing, SEO Content,  Blogs & more by Anne El Bey

                                  Dugi Sol

                         Creative Writing by DUGISOL

Creative Stories, Screenplays, Poetry, & Scripts by Melanated Stars, Inc.

                                         TLC 13 Love Magazine

                                   Poetry and more by Yhorman





Clothing Accessories


SiriusSaints Backpacks, featuring the number Thirteen (13) by ChiChi Bey

                   Barefoot sandals, Hijabs, crochets by 13Huna

Headwraps/Scarfs/Handmade Tarboosh/Turbans by Inner Armor

Crown Accessories for your Tarboosh/Turbans by King El’Mic

Sexy-Sickle-Cell                 Stylish & Colorful Headwraps by Lea Kilenga Bey

                      Quickening Sleep Mask by Maurice Bey

                                               Socks  by ORB Gear

                               Cotton Turbans by Osayiswares

                                        Bags by Ra Mu Bey

                                                Hats by Rio Bey

                        Velvet Unisex Turbans by TelohV13eys

Handmade Neck Coverings & reusable paper towels by Ziya Bey



Clothing for Adults & Infants

                              T-shirts by Ascension Apparels

           Moorish Fashion and Accessories by Ayah’s Fashion

                         Reusable Diapers by How to Change Peace

                       T-Shirts, Music, Recipes, & More by

            Righteous Wear and Dashikis by Divine Faith Bey

                         T-Shirts by Elumination Clothing

             Kimono/Prayer Shawls/TLC T-shirts by Ixora Maizonet

                Return of the Ancient Ones T-shirts by L3UMURIA

                                            T-Shirts by ORB Gear

RioBeyOriginals                                            Clothing by Rio Bey

                Modest women and men’s attire by Salia Bey

                          TLC 13 Love Jackets for Women & Men


                                         TLC 13 Love Men’s Jacket


                            T-shirts & Hoodies by YahWillBey






Arts & Crafts/Digital Media

    Handmade Lamps & other Artwork by AdelesElectricRays

Interactive & Vibrant Drawings & Original Paintings by Amina Sanaa Bey


                 Digital Art & Graphics Design by Aquarius Gold   

13th Conscious Series, Logos, CD Covers, Graphic Arts  by Babo Bey

                            Style for the Soul by Cayenne Dey

                          Paintings/Portraits/TLC Calendar by Cori M.

                          Photographic Arts by DOJAH STUDIO™

Art supplies: Mixed Media Journal/Watercolor Paint Kit/Prisma Premier Colored Pencils & more by Drea Nicole Bey

Imagination's Play                            Children’s Puppets by Emma Bey

Graphic Designs/Logos/Caricatures/Illustrations by Good Vybes

                    Drawing Journals & hand paintings by Hanna


                Unique Art for the Unique Mind by Jordan B. Bey


                     Moorish Travel  Tags by Katiria El Bey

   Handmade Plant Hangers by Ramoon Dah’muurA different kind of painting based on visions…all coming from the heart by Seekah

                        Handmade Baskets by Summer Sun


                                   Digital Marketing by YahWillBey

Website creation for businesses all around the globe by Yassin